Sunday, 3 March 2013

Be my Valentine

I know it was almost a month ago, but I have not yet got around to posting the Valentine Day card I made for my special someone. I struggled not to make it too romantic, but I wanted it to have a vintage feel, as that is who I am. Overall I am quite pleased with the result and he loved it too!

Make Do And Mend

Can you remember a while ago I posted some cards I was working on made from old sewing patterns? Well here is the finished result. I’ve posted them for sale on My It along with some cards for men as well.

Just a Little Vintage

I love all things vintage as you can probably tell. So I was very excited when I walked into Spotlight one day and saw this amazing fabric with vintage sewing patterns on it! So of course it became a cushion. Then when I was visiting my parents place my Mum showed me a lovely piece of fabric covered in vintage adds that she found. And that fabric snuck into my bag and came home with me. I framed it and it is now hanging on my bedroom wall. I made this collage underneath to match.



Also, on my bed side table is another piece of fabric covered in vintage adds. Looks lovely with the pile of books does it not?