Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Whatever Will I Wear?

I often receive compliments on my individual and vintage fashion style. However it did take me awhile to find and develop my own unique style. I grew up in the suburbs near the coast and started taking an interest in fashion when I was around 14 or 15 years old. Being close to the beach surf brands were "in" such as Ripcurl and Roxy. My friends usually wore board shorts and bright t-shirts in summer with coloured thongs. Winter was jeans, jumpers and jackets simple in colour and design.


After following this trend for about a year or so I became board and tired of looking like everyone else my age. So I decided to try wearing more dressy clothing. My wardrobe changed to floral knee length summery skirts with camisoles in summer. In winter I wore dresses in solid colours with tights and boots. I further developed this style during my undergraduate years at Uni. I left home and lived on campus at La Trobe University, about an hour out of Melbourne. I enjoyed dressing up each day instead of waring a school uniform. Hats, scarfs and gloves were much needed in the chilly Melbourne winters.


I would describe my summer style as 1950's and 1970's. I wear a lot of floral and print knee length dresses and skirts and flowing maxi dresses and skirts. Summer fashion is very romantic, I think.

This lovely blue dress here is one you can get away with wearing all year round. In winter I team it with black (or red!) tights, boots and a bright blue blazer. I love the combination of blue and red together so I accessorise with a red belt and blue and red jewellery (think ropes of pearls and crystals).


I am a big fan of tweed. I proudly own a vintage (1970’s I think) tweed caramel coloured high waisted skirt. This cute dress is imitation tweed. It has a lovely purple and pink colour through it.


This yellow dress here is one of my favourites. I picked it up from a fantastic shop in Adelaide called Dangerfield. When I entered this shop I thought, Oh my goodness! Look at all these lovely clothes! Dangerfield is full of vintage style clothes ranging from the ‘50’s through to the ‘70’s, including Goth and punk style. I love how this dress is modest, as in it covers everything, yet still carries a classy sexy look.

My little brother was the photographer for this post. Thank you Leigh!


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