Saturday, 25 January 2014

Can You Hear the Trees Whispering?

I love painting trees. This one here is in the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens. I love how the roots are above the ground and so think and gnarly. I painted this over a year ago. I've got two others similar, however my Mum loves them so much that she did not let me take them when I moved out of home over two years ago. They hang proudly on her living room wall. 

Here are some ocean paintings as well.

Do you recognise this image? It was one of the farm photos I posted at the beginning of the year. It is not finished yet, I am going to shade it was lead pencil along with ink. Originally I thought I would use watercolour but I like it in black and white. It has more impact I think. 


  1. hiya, so much detail in the fence wire and post. this is my very favourite so far. I think I will consficate this one. [I cant find the exclamation mark.............]

    1. Thanks! I'll get round to finishing it one day. It's one of my favourites too.

      The exclamation mark should be next to the letter m.