Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Industrial Ruins

For a Uni assignment I had to take photographs on industrial buildings that were full of heritage significance but were left to fall apart. I really enjoyed this and thought I would share some with you.
The Fletcher Jones factory would be one of the most well know. Fletcher Jones made fine clothing and basically kept the Warrnambool economy afloat during the Great Depression and both world wars.  Apart from a second hand market the factory is now empty and falling apart.
The Warrnambool Woollen Mill was also a highly successful business in the early to mid-1900s. Most of the factory is unfortunately demolished now, however they are building a new housing estate and some of the ruins of the factory are standing among these modern houses and expensive cars, creating a very interesting contrast.
For another assignment I was taking photographs of old pubs. Here is the Royal Hotel in Warrnambool, built around 1850. And this stunning pub is the Koroit Hotel. It was also built c1850 but had a makeover early 1900s leading to the Art Novena look. One of my favourite buildings by far.

The old tram tracks run along the Warrnambool Breakwater. Warrnambool was a major trading port throughout the 1800s and goods were transported from this jetty to the train station to go to Melbourne.






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