Saturday, 21 September 2013

Classic Charm

Recently I have loved the classical style jewellery made from cream pearls and clear crystals. This is my latest make. Bracelets like this are very easy to make. Here is how:

1.       Use clear stretch beading elastic. I buy mine from Spotlight. Instead of cutting the elastic I keep it on the real and thread my beads on. That way you do not have to tie a knot in the end to begin with. So unreal some elastic and thread the beads on. I use a bead board to lie out my design first and have a fiddle around.

2.       This bracelet alternates between a 6mm cream glass pearl and gold spacer beads. I was using up some odd left overs so there are a few different styles.

3.       Once the bracelet will fit the size of your wrist or a friends (when making for a friend I measure their wrist using string and use the string as a guide on how long the bracelet should be) cut the elastic leaving space on both ends so you can tie a knot. Tie a few to keep it tight. Then cut of the ends and voila! A lovely new bracelet!

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