Sunday, 29 September 2013

To Study or not to Study...

I do most of my uni work at the kitchen table as the desk in my bedroom is dedicated to crafty things. One morning as a way of procrastinating I decided to cover all my boring books and folders in pretty paper. Now when I sit down to study I am surrounded my beautiful books.

Here is how you make lovely covered books.

·         Place open book over paper and trace around, adding an extra 2cm overlap on the edges. Cut and use double sided tap to stick down the edges. Easy as pie!

·         Sometimes it is nice to try something a little different. I have used contrasting paper on the back and front covers of some books. The process here is similar; just measure one cover with a little extra to stick on the inside. Repeat for back cover. Then cut a strip the length of the book and a few centimetres in width. Stick this on the spine so it overlaps both the front and back. Lovely!

·         You can cover the inside of the front and back covers as well to make the book look neater. Just measure and cut a piece of paper a little smaller than the cover and stick down using double sided tape.

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