Thursday, 10 October 2013

Black & Gold

I am going to the Races this year- first time ever! My dress is sort of a ‘50s style yellow with a black flower and vine pattern (from Dangerfield). I made this necklace to go with it. Here is what to do:

1.       Grab a head pin and thread a selection of beads and spacers on. I love spaces as they add extra glamour to the piece.

2.       Using wire cutters snip of extra head pin, leaving enough to make a loop (about 1-1.5cm).

3.       Using round nose pliers make a loop.

4.       Thread onto chain and there we go! I also made a little crystal charm and threaded a key onto a jump ring. Use two pairs of pliers to open and close the jump ring.

·         This method of threading beads onto a head pin can also be used to make a lovely pair of matching earrings.


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