Sunday, 20 October 2013

Black & Gold Part 2

Hi there,
A few posts ago was about the necklace I made to go with my yellow and black dress for the Races. Well today I made the bracelets and earrings (and changed the necklace slightly).

I believe a bead board is essential when
making. It allows you to lay your design out so you have an idea what the finished product will look like. That way you can easily change the layout if you wish. I spend more time fiddling around with the beads than making the actual piece, I think!

To make bracelets like this is very simple. I use clear beading elastic by Ribtex from Spotlight.
1. Just lay out your design,
2. Thread onto the elastic (still on the spool so beads don't fall off the end. I find it easier this way),
3. Measure so it fits your wrist, add or remove beads as needed and cut the end. Then tie a few very tight knots.
4. There we go; a beautiful bracelet. I made three as I like layering the bracelets up. I love my bling!

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