Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fashions on the Field

This year was the very first time I have been to the Races. I decided to get the girls together and we had a fun filled day at the Geelong Cup. I spent a long time thinking about my outfit as I wanted to enter (and win!) the Fashions on the Field (did not win :,-( ) and the Best Dressed (I’m in top 100, voting still in progress) competitions.

I decided I wanted a bright yellow dress as it is a colour not a lot of people wear. And I found this beauty in Dangerfield, by Princess Highway. A black envelope clutch and shiny black shoes complete the outfit. I wore black tights and a fitted black jacket as well as the weather was actually really bad that day!

Of course I made the jewellery (see older posts) and the fascinator myself. Ah, the fascinator, what a labour of love that one was! I wanted something different and settled on a little top hat. I was lucky to find a black one with white spots in Spotlight. I made some flowers from black ribbon and sewed them on the hat and glued a bunch of black and yellow feathers on. It took a while but was well worth the effort.

I wore my hair in a side bun. The bun was on the same side as my little top hat (the left). I took the hair from the right of my head and plated it along; brining it around to the left then tied all my hair in a side pony. Plating it helps keep the hair from escaping as I have a few layers. And it also looks good! To make the bun I separated the pony into five pieces and twisted them around the headband, securing with lots of bobby pins. This was the difficult part and did take a while. It is much harder than it sounds. When finished I sprayed a lot of hair spray (sorry ozone layer) then pined some pearl pins though the plate and the bun. I was rather pleased with the result. The pearls add a nice touch.


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