Monday, 2 September 2013

Time For Tea

Yet another collection of mine is teacups. I think this would be a favourite. My Mum also collects them and we love hunting around op shops for the next addition to our collections. My very favourite tea cup is actually in Mum's collection (for now!). It is made in Japan and is white with a very delicate hand painted Japanese garden on both the cup and saucer. The cup and saucer all have a scalloped wave pattern in the china. It is one of those individual pieces that you only come across once. I am yet to find one that rivals it for my collection.

My very favourite tea cup of my own would be one I found in a vintage shop in Ballarat. It was little, a pearly yellow colour with a bright gold handle. Yet another one of a kind piece. So of course I accidentally break it two weeks later. I still have not recovered from that incident yet! I have an awful track record for breaking favourite things.

Here are some of my teacups...


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