Monday, 10 February 2014

Once Upon A Time

I am a bookworm. There are so many books to read in this world but not enough time. The bookcase in my lounge room has my favourites on display plus some other bits and bobs. Books I love include:
*Harry Potter 
*The Inheritance Cycle
*Anything by Melina Marchetta 
* Matthew Reily
* The Hunger Games 
*Song of Ice and Fire
*Little House on the Prairie series 
*The Missing by Jane Casey.

While I am posting about my favourite books I may as well include music too:
*Vance Joy
*Brady James (listen to him at a festival, this man will go places, check him out!)
* The XX
*Of Monsters and Men
* Snow Patrol
* The Cat Empire
* The Rubans
*The Temper Trap
* The Killers
*Birds of Tokyo 

There is some great Australian talent here! 


  1. A lovely selection of books and music, dear cousin! I just started reading a Song of Ice and Fire series :) Although I think my favourite selection is the Frankie mags- my favourite! Have we ever discussed our shared love?

  2. I've been reading Ice and Fire for a year now. I'm reading it on and off as its so deep. Good luck! I'm on Dance with Dragons now.

    Yay you love Frankie too! How good is it to read a magazine that is not full of celebrity gossip? I love the quirkiness.