Monday, 4 August 2014

High Style Hair Styles OR 'the hair comb volume creating thingy'

I love the  1960s hair styles- volume to the max!!! Here is a nice simple half up-do I wear often.
I back comb all the hair at the crown and slide one of those hair comb thingys that create volume (I actually have no idea what it is called so I have cristened it 'the hair comb volume creating thingy!). underneath. Then I smooth the hair over top and tie it with a hair band. A jewelled clip finished the look.

Here is the hair comb volume creating thingy.

This second style I saw on a lovely blog called A Beautiful Mess ( 
I've basically created a twisted head band from twisting two strands of hair from under my left ear and bringing it across the top of my head and securing with a cute bow clip above my right ear. 

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